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An App for Specialized Contractors

Managing your trade is complicated enough. Why manage your apps too?

Quick Access

Full visual dashboard to manage all aspects of your projects.

Smart Notifications

Get important reminders for the site.

E-mail Reminders

Because you are busy, PlanTech will e-mail you to keep you up to date.

Why Plantech As Built

Plantech was built from a Sub-Contractor Trade worker. Found managing information from multiple apps was a task in itself. From managing employees time, payroll, job-site reports, job-site photo management, and the list goes on. After all that, still need to manage the project production. That is how PlanTech was inspired. An all-in-one job-site management app for specialized trades.


Amazing Features

See your projects production in real-time from one form.

Group Messaging

Instead of trying to find that text about the job-site through your phone messages. Have the conversation through the app and keep the conversations organized.

Workforce information

Keep track of your project’s work budget with project production management.

Cost Audit

Between expenses and the constant on-the-go purchases to get the job done. Sometimes they just keep adding and we don’t realize till the bills come in. Know in real-time your expenses on the project.

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Shared Task Lists

Create Tasks for yourself, or create a shared Task so members on your team can help you complete them!

Geo-Fence Check-In

Your employees can “Check-In” to your sites from their mobile device. It will only activate when they are within the geo-fence of the project. Helps you manage who is on-site.

Equipment Managment

Ever have equipment that stayed on rent because you were too busy managing everything else? We know much that can cost. PlanTech has equipment management feature that helps you management your Equiptment and rental durations.

How it Works

Set up the scope of work of your project. Fill out our pre-filled daily report. Let the app do the rest.


Daily Logs

Every day, foreman fills out the daily. And thats it.


Real-Time Production Overview

Get live status of your project progress



Keep track of job costs

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Start your project with PlanTech.

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